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Dead Guise Live at KMTV Public Access TV on 2006-03-10

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Dead Guise Live at KMTV Public Access TV on 2006-03-10

Topics Live concert

Feel Like a Stranger
Franklins Tower
Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain

Collection DeadGuise
Band/Artist Dead Guise
Venue KMTV Public Access TV
Location Mountain View, Ca

Source SBD
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Taped by KMTV
Transferred by James Miller


The Dead Guise
March 10th,2006
Public access tV Station KMVT, Mt View,Ca

Complete DVD is available for purchase at

Established in 1995* the Dead Guise play Dead; as in the music of the Grateful Dead. The Guise are a covey of five musicians living in the California Bay Area who have been profoundly inspired by the Dead's music. They attempt, in their own way, to recreate the special energy and spontaneity of a live Grateful Dead concert.

The Dead Guise strive to capture the spirit in which the music is intended, which they believe, is to sound dynamic and unique every time it is played. Playing the music of the Dead provides a springboard for improvisation and exploration that can lead the band into uncharted territory night after night. The music sounds fresh every time because there is space for each performer to be individually creative and expressive within it.

The heart of the Grateful Dead is the incredible amount of energy that is exchanged between the band and the audience at a live show... And that's the inspiration of the Dead Guise--to try their best to recreate that energy and share it with audiences who crave it.

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Reviewer: Orchid_mike - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 5, 2006
Subject: Only 1 drummer
Hey Dead Guise fans,

I saw them 7/29 at the Brookdale Lodge in Santa Cruz Mountains and they were incredible. I am biased as my best buddy is the Base player for the band. The Dead Guise have only one drummer(Steve-O). I'll get some recordings from them and post a few more of there shows. These men are as dedicated as any tribute band i have ever seen. Peace to all. have a grateful day!

Orchid Mike
Reviewer: Rastamon - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 27, 2006
Subject: worth checking out...
A great sounding tribute band, I believe they have 2 drummers now. They are right up there with Darkstar Orchestra- I'd like to hear the them play a complete GD show ala DS Orchestra style.
Reviewer: I am the Stones - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 28, 2006
Subject: GRATE stuff!!!!!
awesome 4 songs. amazing sounds from guitar - almost as good as Jerry. not quite. dont think anyone will ever come close. but its the next best thing. use Guise should put some more shows up on archieves so that people out on the east coast can hear your GRATE music. I will be making a trip to cali this summer and will be shure to check out a set or 2. keep truckin'
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